Pickled jalapenos, salmon roe, crispy coconut flakes, baby shrimps and sun-dried tomato tortilla chips.

Galician-style chargrilled octopus taco


Chargrilled octopus, butter and morita chillies yellow mole; tamarillo fruit emulsion, pickled carrot and pumpkin seeds.

Jerk braised beef taco


Fresh herbs, pickled piparra chilli pepper and pecorino cheese.

Iberian style japanese dumplings


Koji-fermented berries ketchup, iberico ham, truffle-filled pecorino cheese and Kimizu mayonnaise.

Oxtail japanese dumplings


Oxtail, smoked eel, smoked chipotle ketchup and yellow ají chilli pepper alioli.

Takoyaki Vertigo


Deep fried octopus and ginger balls, Kimizu mayonnaise, BBQ ustar sauce, Parmesan cheese, Katsuobushi (bonito flakes) and iberico ham.

Nasu dengaku topped with Peking duck leg confit


Miso-glazed aubergine, parmesan cheese and lebanese yoghurt.

Grilled Buffala mozzarella


Stir fried spinach, mandarin gel and aged cheese.

Grilled scallop and jalapeno gazpacho


Coconut, yuzu, salvia and kaffir lime emulsion topped with fried baby shrimps.

Grilled octopus


Sobrasada and masala pomme purée topped with sun-dried tomatos shallots and pickled wild mushrooms; squid ink Wanton and brioche french toast.

Sea bass tempura


Jalapeno gel, apple and cucumber tartar, and salad with “fresh garden” sauce.

Grilled Carabinero prawn


Stir fried egg noodles, coconut emulsion, carabinero prawn Tom Yum soup and pickled shiitake mushrooms.

Tagliatelle with creamy Kimchee sauce


King prawns, vegetables and truffle-filled Pecorino cheese.

Grilled lobster


Seafood chilli sauce, chlorophyll and fried beetroot mantou (Chinese steamed bun).

Oxtail spanish style rice with creamy L'Amuse Gouda cheese


Bone marrow spanish style rice, Dublin Bay prawn and spanish beef jerky


Buffalo chicken wings


Stir fried noodles in coconut butter and Parmesan cheese emulsion.

K.F.C. (Korean Fried Chicken)


Korean style fried chicken thigh, fresh herbs, pickled daikon radish and hot and sour bergamot sauce.

Chicken in Hoisin sauce


Mandarin, tempura romanesco broccoli and pickled cucumber.

Pork cheeks, oloroso sherry wine and tamarind japanese red curry


Roasted garlic fried rice topped with a raclette cheese sauce.

Orange teriyaki-glazed smoked pork ribs


Orange teriyaki-glazed smoked pork ribs and creamy polenta with pesto

Sweet and sour fried suckling pig


Smoked carbonara tagliatelle with Stilton topped with soy cured egg yolk.

Beef tendons, cochayuyo seaweed and iberian chorizo chirashi


Crispy gnocchi and shiso and ponzu mayonnaise.

Thai red beef tripes


Thai red beef tripes curry made with mint leaves, peanuts, coconut… topped with tapioca pearls and a soy cured egg yolk.

Oxtail from Cordoba to Korea


Oxtail stew, stir fried vermicelli noodles, fried egg, Parmesan cheese and garlic chips.

Smash burger, pastrami, Scamorza cheese and smoked BBQ sauce


Smash beef burger, Raclette cheese and chipotle and Fuji apple ketchup


Dry Aged Beef Rib steak

$6,00€ / 100gr

Spring onion and piparra chilli peppers salad and ustar sauce.

Sirloin steak


Baobab seeds mojo sauce, red miso pomme purée and Horn Of Plenty mushrooms.

Smoked gorgonzola cheesecake, truffle and Biscoff


Lemongrass and vanilla udon noodles pudding topped with tonka bean toffee, sweet popcorns and Chinese Five Spice


Sujeonggwa granita: Burrata di Bufala, pistachio praline, lychee; and walnut, apricot, cinnamon and ginger slushy


Creamy chocolate pudding, hazelnut praline paste, tonka bean Chantilly cream and black sesame ice cream


Wild strawberry and Tiger nut ice cream, lime and ginger juice


Madagascar vanilla and butter ice cream, cheese foam, Biscoff; and guava, kumquat and Campari gel


Blackcurrant and lime ice cream, ginger and yuzu Chantilly cream, matcha tea and blackberry sake gel


Ice cream infused with Violet essence, violet and Daidai orange gel, Biscoff crumbs and toasted marshmallows